Foodisme in Moscow


As some of you know, I went in March to Moscow organizing the next Omnivore World Tour festival of 2014. And after Paris, which was tremendous, we directly jumped into the plane. And behind all prejudices, it was warm, welcoming, very interesting, crazy and unbelievable. I had the pleasure to meet amazing people whom I had wonderful conversations. Well. As you are surely expecting, I have some very nice places for you.

This café, as they call it, was build 4 years ago by Ivan Shishkin, a man with a big heart and exceptional knowledge. Here you will find small plates in order to taste a lot of things. All is home made, even the bread and the butter. I was amazed by his deserts – which are not – made with fermented fruits and stracciatella mozzarella. Very good.
The other part of this place, is the bar. A very beautiful and old-style cocktail bar. Behind it, Lizzy, charming and very talented. We tryed a lot of cocktails but I really fell in love with her blackcurrant gin. Delicious.
As you noticed, this place is the place to go. And you will go again.

Delicatessen, Sadovaya-Karetnaya ulitsa, 20 Строение 2, gorod Moskva
Open Tuesday to Saturday, from 12 to 12.

The best cocktails bar you can find in Moscow. The thing is, to find this place, it’s better to be with someone who knows the place because it’s in the back of a domestic court, on the left after the corridor. And after that, you are going down. A finest chinese restaurant with amazing cocktails. About the food, Go, is cooking traditional dishes – a little twisted – from Beijing. Damn good. And with that, you have cocktails. The best way is to let them choose the first one as an aperitif to formalize the moment. We had a twist of a martini with kefir syrop and leaves. Fresh, straight, perfect to wake you and your stomach up in order to appreciate the food and next cocktails. The environment from an other time with jazz music put you in paradise where you lose track of time.

Chainaya, 1-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya ulitsa, 29, Moscow
It’s recommended to book a table before 11pm

It was its first nights when we went their. This place open just a week before we arrived. Concidered as a bistro pub, you can come all day long to have something to eat. Very current here, in Moscow. We discovered a modern, fresh and peaceful place where you can have food – small plates – and cocktails. Kind of good actually. I had a crush on the burrata with canded orange zest, fresh mandarine and pistachio. A perfect mix to balance the fat with acidity. Lovely.

Moments, Tataskaya street, 7, Moscow
Open every day, Mon-Fri 8am to 11pm, Sat-Sun 10am to 11pm

In a dock newly build, waiting for a buy, they built an ephemeral bar and restaurant at the 4th floor with a beautiful view on the river and the city. We spend a night at the bar and enjoy the unbuild design with raw materials. The cocktails, simple, were perfectly matched with the unexpected decor. Music, people, fun, drinks… how to spend a perfect night in Moscow. But this place will close soon, in May normally, so if you are lucky, go their.

Door 19, Серебряническая наб., 19, Moscou
Open until 2am

A new small bistro opened by Dmitri Zotov, one of the finest chef in Moscow. A place where you feel good. No pressure, no fancy decor and over all, a nice service. Rare. To talk about the food? Very good. At the bar, the table or in the street during the summer, you can enjoy a nice time. Dimitri over his 6.4 is cooking in the smallest kitchen you can find in here. But it feets him perfectly. The only drawback of this place is that it is on the outskirts of the city but right next to a subway. It worths it!

Wing or Leg / Krylyshko ili nozhka, Bldg. 2, 77 Prospekt Mira, Moscow
Open evry day, 12pm to 12am

You also have a lot of places where you can find this spirts of fine cuisine and a very nice athmosphere like United Kitchen by Andrei Ryvkine, Ragout 2.0 by Alexei Zimin as CDL, his last one, Noor Bar to appreciate more cocktails…
Moscow is changing all the time and becoming a real place for foodies.